February-April 2016 Newsletter


Please send any unpaid 2016 dues checks for $20.00 per couple to our Treasurer, Mike Garrett at 19414 Water Point Trail, Humble, TX 77346. The check should be made payable to RECK. What dues are used for: Deposits to hold theater and venue reservations, webmaster, website etc.

There has been some confusion about the correct way to register for Event tickets and we will clarify the procedure here:

The RECK Club has in the past, is, and will continue to follow the established Event Guidelines. That is, members must go to the website and register; after they have registered, send the Host a check for the correct amount for that Event by the date specified on the site. We suggest that you send your check immediately after registering in order to avoid any problems such as delayed mail delivery. Your check will not be deposited until after the “cancel by” date.

Should the Event display “Sold Out” on the website, you may e-mail or telephone the Host and ask that you be placed on a waiting list in hopes of someone cancelling their reservation. Do not send a check at that time. Should there be any cancellations, the Host will notify members in the order that they are on the waiting list and you should send a check at that time. If anyone chooses to cancel their reservation, they must contact the Host for that Event before the cancel date. Please do not go to the website to cancel.

These are the members who registered on the website and are going to the Rodeo Event March 10: Debbie and Craig Campbell, Kay and Herb Caffey, Janice and Dean Dampier, Peggy and Bob Dorrill, Claire and Mike Garrett, Janelle and Mike Ferris, Judy and Bill Miles, Jo and Bill Richard, Sharon and Glenn Ruby, Connie and John Shifferd, Dianne and Charles Wherry, Mary and Roger Whitney.

We apologize for any member’s inconvenience and disappointment concerning the few Rodeo tickets.

Eventbrite’s new formatted “Register” page shows an erroneous number of how many “people are going to…”.   For instance, for the Rodeo, it indicates 16 people are going, but in actual fact, the 16 really represents the number of people who got on line and registered for tickets. In other words, some members signed up for more than 1 ticket. So, in fact, all 24 tickets were spoken for and the website correctly showed “Sold Out”. We apologize for the confusion and have requested Eventbrite correct this.



March 8: Exciting live thoroughbred racing at Sam Houston Race Track and Lunch in the Jockey Club. See details here.

April 10: Musical Oliver at Hobby Center with Dinner and Dancing at Sambuca. See details here.

There are a number of other Events already planned and we are awaiting confirmation of bus availability from Precinct 4. When that happens, we will post each Event on the website plus send a notification e-mail to all members.

We welcome all new members who have signed up for RECK in the last few months and look forward to meeting each of you.

This is going to be an exciting year at RECK with more fun people, new things to do and new places to go.

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