1. What is the easiest way to return to the website in the future?

Go to the home page of RECK. Put your mouse on the page and right click. Click on ”Create Shortcut” on the menu, then click “Yes.” This will put a shortcut icon on your computer desktop.

2. Are there any limits to how often we can use Precinct 4 buses for activities?

Yes. There are over three hundred senior groups competing to use Precinct 4 buses. We are restricted to one bus per event, and availability will determine the total number of the buses RECK will receive each year. Bus schedules are made twice each year. In March, Precinct 4 will schedule buses for May through October and in September, November through April. This is one reason why RECK cannot schedule all events requiring a bus many months in advance.

For more information regarding Precinct 4 Fun4Seniors programs, click here.

3. Can I start a new Special Interest Group for people who want to do things as a group? For example, go sailing in Galveston, play poker, or start a quilting bee.

Prepare and mail special interest proposals to the RECK secretary. The secretary will then present the proposal to the Board for consideration. It is assumed the person making the request will be willing to accept the leadership position for that Special Interest Group.

4. Does RECK post a public list of members with personal data?

After extensive considerations regarding the merits of publishing a membership list versus the right to privacy, the Board has decided not to publish a RECK membership list on the RECK website.

5. What are the dues used for?

Christmas Dinner Dance venue and the entertainer, new member/host appreciation dinner, decoration/poinsettias, dinners for uncomped Precint 4 drivers, website domain and webmaster, donation to the First United Methodist Church for use of their parking lot and donation to Precinct 4.